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10 - 15 min


Hungry and ready for something quick – but please no ready meals? 

Then our pasta á la VEGGIE CRUMBZ is just right for you. Because everyone really likes noodles. And who does not love crunch? So why not combine?! A pot, a pan, ingredients that you probably have at home anyway - you don't need more!  


for 3 persons

For the dressing:

  • 300 g soy yogurt
  • 3 tbsp soy milk
  • Balsamic cream, salt, pepper, garden herbs


1. Put on your apron, wash your hands and let's go.

2. You can start cooking the pasta right away. Cook the noodles al dente and then let them drain in a sieve

3. While the pasta is draining, you can dice the zucchini and then get back on the stove. Put the butter/margarine in a saucepan and let it melt.

4. Now it's getting crispy! Now pour the VEGGIE CRUMBZ into the pot and fry them for about four minutes while stirring constantly. When the desired degree of browning is reached, regulate the stove to a low temperature.

5.Then add the noodles and diced zucchini to the pot, mix well, let stand a little and then it's almost done.

6. Now all you have to worry about is the dressing. To do this, stir in the yoghurt with garden herbs and add a little milk to make the dressing more liquid.

7. Enjoy it! 

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