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Breading from vegetables?
YES! Our Veggie Crumbz are made of 50% vegetables and 50% potato, as advertised on the packaging. This makes them not only incredibly delicious, but also super healthy and the first vegetable breading in the world!

What is the advantage over breadcrumbs?
There's more than one! Veggie Crumbz are full of great features! They're gluten-free, vegan, high in fiber, absorb up to 50% less fat, and are colorful, making any recipe a real eye-catcher! Plus, they stay mega crunchy for a super long time, even if you take a snack break.
Have we forgotten anything?

Why gluten-free?
Gluten in itself does not want to do you any harm. It is a natural mixture of proteins found in the seeds of some grains. Grains with high gluten content are spelt, wheat and durum wheat. Rye, barley and oats have a lower proportion of the so-called "gluten". Grains such as millet, corn and rice, as well as pseudocereals such as quinoa and buckwheat, are completely gluten-free. Gluten acts as a gluten during baking and gives baked goods a fluffy and moist texture. Sounds good to me - so where does the trend toward gluten-free diets come from? Just as some people are sensitive or allergic to apples, red fruits or lactose, there are just some for whom gluten has negative effects. Symptoms may vary, but it has been proven that avoiding gluten-containing foods improves the quality of life for many people. However, less than one percent of the population suffers from actual gluten intolerance - that is, celiac disease. So there's no reason to panic, but perhaps to consciously think about it and weigh it up.

So gluten can be negative - and a gluten-free diet can make sense. But in our particular case of breading lovers - what alternatives are there to the classic breading of flour, egg mixture and breadcrumbs?
Quite simply, potato flour, potato starch, rice flour, plantain flour or arrowroot starch can be used instead of regular wheat flour for the initial turning. The subsequent bath in the egg mixture is already gluten-free and can be replaced with water and chickpea flour for a vegan preparation.
For the breadcrumbs, there are now particularly tasty alternatives thanks to Veggie Crumbz. Instead of old rolls or dry white bread - which already doesn't sound particularly appetizing - we process fiber-rich and sustainable vegetables. This way, the breading is guaranteed gluten-free on the one hand and especially colorful, tasty and crunchy on the other. Just find out what tastes best to you: With cauliflower, carrots or beet, we have various fitters at the start, which are specially made to make your taste buds cheer. So taste it out and make up your mind!
A little tip in the end: Because gluten-free breadcrumbs are now free of the "wheat gluten," you'll want to be a little more careful when preparing them. So: Chill your schnitzel...

Are non-vegans and non-vegetarians allowed to eat Veggie Crumbz?

Our Veggie Crumbz are for every lover of crunchy recipes - whether vegan, vegetarian or with meat and fish! We can do nothing for addictiveness!

Is that level of crispiness even allowed anymore?
Hard to say, what do you think?

Where can I find the products?
You can currently find us here in our online store, on Amazon and in the Ankerkraut stores.

How do I prepare dishes with Veggie Crumbz?
Very easy in three steps: Grab the ingredient you want to bread with our Veggie Crumbz. First in the flour, then in the egg and then in our Crumbz and off into the pan or deep fryer. Also works with wet breading without egg.

Also feel free to check out our instructions for breading. You can find them under our recipes!