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Why gluten free?

Do you like juicy schnitzel, delicious tofu, baked camembert or fresh fish in delicious breading? Great - so are we. What we don't like, however, is gluten. And with us, more and more people who attach great importance to a healthy and sustainable diet feel the same way. Find out here why you are all the rage with a gluten-free diet - and what alternatives there are to the classic breadcrumbs made from dry rolls or white bread: gluten-free, crispy and colourful.

Gluten itself doesn't mean anything bad for you. It is a natural mixture of proteins found in the seeds of some types of grain. Grains high in gluten include spelt, wheat, and durum wheat. Rye, barley and oats have a lower proportion of what is known as “gluten protein”. Cereals such as millet, corn and rice as well as pseudocereals such as quinoa and buckwheat are completely gluten-free. Gluten acts as a glue when baking and gives the baked goods a fluffy and juicy consistency. Sounds good - so where does the trend towards gluten-free nutrition come from? Just as some people are sensitive or allergic to apples, red fruits or lactose, there are some who are adversely affected by gluten. Symptoms can vary, but it has been proven that avoiding gluten-containing foods improves the quality of life for many people. However, less than one percent of the population suffer from an actual gluten intolerance – i.e. celiac disease. So no reason to panic, but perhaps to consciously think and weigh things up.

So gluten can be negative – and a gluten-free diet can make sense. But in our special case of breading lovers - what alternatives are there to the classic breading made of flour, egg mass and breadcrumbs?
Very simple: For the first turning, you can use potato flour, potato starch, rice flour, plantain flour or arrowroot starch instead of normal wheat flour. The subsequent bath in the egg mixture is already gluten-free and can be replaced with water and chickpea flour for a vegan preparation.
Thanks to Veggie Crumbz, there are now particularly tasty alternatives for the breadcrumbs. Instead of old rolls or dry white bread - which doesn't sound particularly appetizing - we process high-fiber and sustainable vegetables. In this way, the breading is guaranteed to be gluten-free on the one hand and particularly colourful, tasty and crispy on the other. Just find out what you like best: With cauliflower, carrots or beetroot, we have various fitness boosters that are specially made to make your taste buds rejoice. So taste it out and choose Cauliflower, Orange Carrot or Red Beet.

A little hint at the end: Because gluten-free breadcrumbs are free of "wheat gluten", you should be a little more careful when preparing them. So: Chill your schnitzel...