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VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach (Set of 5)

  • your crunchy snack for in between
  • Veggie Crumbz meet cashew nuts
  • vegetables in bar from
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At a glance!

VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach (Set of 5)


no wheat, no gluten.

VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach (Set of 5)

High in protein & fiber

nuts & almonds meet vegetables.

VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach (Set of 5)

30% less sugar 

...than comparable products.

VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach (Set of 5)

100% vegan

no animal additives.

Content & Ingredients
Content: 5 x 35 g VEGGIE CRUMBZ Gemüsliriegel Spinach Ingredients: Spinach Vegetable Granules 20% (spinach 10%*, potato), CASHEW PIPES 18%, sunflower seeds 13%, pumpkin seeds, agave syrup, rice syrup, sunflower protein rice crisps 4% (sunflower protein 3%*, rice flour), puffed quinoa, flax seeds, rice protein powder 1%, sea salt. *referred to the amount in the total product. May contain traces of SOY BEANS, SELLERY, SESAME SHELLS, EARNUTS and other SHELL FERTILIZES.


Muesli bar was yesterday, GEMÜSLIRIEGEL is today! And as the name suggests - with a crunchy portion of vegetables! 🌱😊

Ideal for the small hunger on the go or as a quick energy and protein supplier during sports! Our delicious bars with nuts and a good portion of vegetables are simply made for every occasion! ❤️🔥

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