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Business to Business


VEGGIE CRUMBZ was born in the food industry.

You are producer and...

…want to bring you product to the next level?

…search a gluten free breading which embodies the same values as your product? 

…want to be the first one who uses 100% vegetables for breading?

... just want an exceptional crunch in your product?

Then the form below or is the right address.

You are producer and...

...just want to do greenwashing?

...just want to make your product appear to be sustainable?

Sorry, then we can not help you. There are no ingredients in our VEGGIE CRUMBZ that have no place in vegetables. Sounds too good to be true? Then pinch yourself.


Despite the whole disruption: Our production facility is of course also certified and we are a reliable partner with 30 years of food experience.

The certifications that are important in the food industry are also part of our quality awareness and living standards. These are of course available and we will be happy to present them if required.

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